La Mezcla Africana is an interactive site exploring the history of the African diaspora in the Americas and showcasing how that has affected identity. Through history, spoken word, music, and art, visitors get a glimpse into the complexity of the Afro-Latinx identity today. 

Initially, this project emerged out of a desire to design an ancient city in a virtual envorinment in order to explore women's history. With this topic in mind, I wrote a literature review studying "The Influence of Virtual Simulation Technology in Ancient History and Art Education". After working with a client in the Dominican Republic that was also a professor of African slavery, I decided to refocus my thesis project on sharing the story of the Afro-Latinx experience and celebrating its expression. It was a topic I personally identified with and a story not commonly known in the United States. I spent the remaining four months working on the project from historical research and content creation to developing the final functional site.

On the home page users pick which side they want to visit: history or identity. On the history side users are taken to a map where they can then choose a country and read scholarly text and view art work depicting that time. On the identity side users can delve into the artistic expression of three Afro-Latinxs: Sara, Anajulia and Caique.

Ultimately, I developed, designed and shot and edited all of the digital content of the site. The site's visual identity and video content can be viewed below as well as a walk through of the full site. The site was created to be viewed in the Chrome browser on a desktop Mac or iMac computer.

The project was on exhibition May 18, 2016 at Elon University.


Product Details

Client: Graduate School Thesis Project

Software: Adobe CS (Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, Audition) HTML/CSS, Javascript,